Started deploying CSIs
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pieterhpieterh wrote on 31 Oct 2009 15:11

Hi Folks,

I've spent the last couple of days deploying CSIs. They work, good enough that I'm tempted to close the design sketch and forget about more improvements.

A summary of what I've done:

  • Have built out modules.wd with initial set of modules
  • Iron giant templates now use the legal module
  • Have put the page manager CSS into the rainbow and minimalist themes
  • Have stripped down the doc.wd site (sorry, Ken!) to use a Hammer approach instead of hand-crafted cover pages
  • Have fixed faq.wd and other hammer-template descendants to use the Hammer Navigator module
  • Have fixed this site to use the Page Manager module
  • Have written a blog that explains more or less how to use CSIs (at least incorporate modules, if not make them)

For template sites that contain complex code, this seems to be the sanest approach:

  • Put the complex code into include:whatever
  • In the template site, include that as a CSI e.g.: [[include :forum-template:include:section-template]]
  • This way, descendants are automatically updated

I've done that for this site, as you can see from section:_summary, section:_template, and thread:_template.

What's particularly sweet about CSI (Michal, my god, I don't know how you got this working), is that you can use symbols in the CSI and then use the resulting code as live templates. This means that CSIs adapt trivially to being used in arbitrary categories.

For the modules site, I'm changing tack somewhat from "open it all up", because these modules are so utterly sensitive: any errors and lots of sites will break. Editor access will be for supergurus only and I'd appreciate discussion and proposals up-front before they are put into the site. I'll shoot first and ask questions second :-)

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