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Ed JohnsonEd Johnson wrote on 29 Oct 2009 15:26

I just started to look closer at Brunhilda's Album Template and quickly realized that this site could end up being a bit of work of an admin to maintain.

Since each album is its own autonumbered category, the albums have to be pre-populated by an admin. That got me thinking that it would be really useful if we had a [[module NewCategory parameters]] that has similar characteristics as [[module NewPage parameters]]. Since the functionality is already working in Site Manager, maybe it wouldn't be too tough to port it to a module.

At this point, the only useful parameters I can think of are:

  • autonumber = true/false (default=false)
  • permissions = ??? (not sure how the syntax should look - currently there are 4 user levels and 8 permission categories to consider)

There are still issues that keep this complicated enough that an admin will have to stay on top of things.

The thumbnail pages are in category album:, i.e album:album01.
Then each image is on its own page in category album01: and autonumbered, i.e album01:1.
So, for each album on the site, the admin needs to create a page in category album: and then create a category associated with that new page that has autonumbering enabled and appropriate permissions set.

If we could have a companion module to NewCategory called ListCategories there might be a way to automatically create the navigation once a user creates a new category. Maybe there is a creative way ListPages could be used so we don't add to the dev team's workload.

For experienced Wikidot users who don't mind being very "hands on" with their site, this is OK, but for novice users I can see that setting up and maintaining a site based on this template might be challenging.


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