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pieterhpieterh wrote on 29 Oct 2009 14:01

Hi Folks, we've pushed a first draft of Cross-Site Includes. These are not the full design but a minimal first step, letting us add a sitename to the include name: [[include :sitename:category:page-name]].

I'm thinking about how to use these now. First, we can't include parts of a page or code blocks, so the current layout of the includes.wikidot.com site is not going to work. Second, I realize that we often need to include several pages, as a kind of package.

So here's my off-the-cuff idea…

  • a new packages-style site that uses CSIs, let's call it "modules.wikidot.com" so the old site can remain for now
  • modules are pages with documentation, description, etc.
  • modules refer to 1 or more include pages, which are pure code, no description
  • the modules site uses the Hammer pattern

Thoughts? I'll make this already and move the existing pages to that, and we can see how it works.

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Subdomain name for includes not well chosen By gerdami 1 Comments 08 Nov 2009 10:02

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