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Steven HeynderickxSteven Heynderickx wrote on 19 Oct 2009 08:49

This forum is becomming a goldmine for wikidot info. So it is cerainly a good tool, but I have some suggestions for it to make it even better.

This forum is getting big so it is also becomming long. Therefore I would say make the sections colapsable. You see only the title of the section, not the threads… but on demand of course unfoldeable…

Also a suggestion to formulating a thread:
As Pieter writes in the Hammer template … but I can not find the passage … (it's a jungle out there) … think about your content and categories it:
I am just suggesting and I am not trying to discourage anyone with my comment here.
I think if this is going to become THE new FORUM for wikidot, a section FAQ would be in place.
The section should be called FAQ of course and each thread should be a single one question. This is greatly done at… wich reases the next question… should the FAQ be in the forum or in a different site? but that's another discussion.

So @ Leiger I think you have a very good thread @

* Removing unneeded components (2009-Oct-19) by leiger, 0 Comments

But I don't think it is a FAQ.
I suggest for example a new section (collapsable) "components worth deleting" and in each thread one component… so readers can give comments to that component, not to one of the tree you suggested, and later maybe a new list of four or more…

It would become something like this:

Section : Components worth deleting

  • Page name from the table, and from popups
  • Creator/Created/Editor/Edited

But I realise now that Leiger is commenting on the site, and not creating a spot for FAQ's on the site.

See…. It's a jungle out there.

Let's call that section wikidot faq PROJECT…

sorry guys (and girls) but I was, and sometimes, am confused. And it's a shame that so much effort and good info is hidden and devided over so many places.

Maybe a no-nonsense portal is a solution for me (and others)
… I am regestering

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