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leigerleiger wrote on 18 Oct 2009 23:49

I have removed:

  • The "mine" link for sorting — if the hammer pattern is used, it will only be useful for admins, and we should avoid features that 90% of users can't use!

Suggested removals:

  • Page name from the table, and from popups — this should be encapsulated away and hidden. Page numbering is for maintenance reasons, why do we want to see what the page's unix name is on the main page?
  • Creator/Created/Editor/Edited — Why not just have "creator" and "last updated date" ?
  • Size, number of edits — this is interesting from a statistical point of view, but not for people that want to use the FAQs - I suggest replacing those two columns with the column 'rating', then then ordering with highest rating at the top, by default

I'd spend time making those suggestions happen myself,but don't have time to look through the source code at the moment.

And it's worth discussing such changes first, anyway.

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