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leigerleiger wrote on 29 Sep 2009 09:24

Introducing Multiplayer, a website inspired by the calendar project and designed from the ground up for one purpose — to provide an easy way to schedule gaming events, most commonly matches between members of the website.

As far as I am aware no website exists solely for this purpose (someone will prove me wrong).

The original feature/design list that I worked from:

  • Request a match event for any game, on any console
    • Page Title: Game
    • Content 1: Time of match in GMT
    • Content 2: Description
    • Page Tags: Console
  • Ability to subscribe to an event, to say that you will take part
    • Information provided: Name and Gamertag/Username
    • Can remove this at any time
  • Provide a list of related websites hosted on

All of these things have been added, and I'm looking for more ideas. As the website is meant to be simple, overly complicated features that aren't really needed should be avoided. I'm looking more at features that will either:
a) be used often, or
b) improve the user interface

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