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pieterhpieterh wrote on 16 Sep 2009 17:28

I'm going to make a page manager that somehow combines the best of Erich's file manager and Gerdami's plain theme list. My goals:

  • a single page that can be trivially included in any site (aimed to become a CSI / cross-site include)
  • full navigation via content:
    • select a category, show pages in that category
    • select a user, show pages created by that user
    • select a date, show pages created on that date
    • 1-click edit, rename, delete of pages
    • view trash and empty trash with one click + confirmation
    • show preview of page via hover over page title
    • show history of page via hover over revision count
    • click page title to get noredirect page content
    • sort by date, page size, creator, ascending / descending

A lot of this needs extensions to ListPages, and I think when we're done we'll have most of the new ListPages done.

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