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leigerleiger wrote on 21 Aug 2009 11:54

Thread title

Please title your thread with the URL of the template. For example:

Thread content

Iron Giant projects can be marked with one of the following tags:

  • _irongiant-notready — The template is still being developed and is not ready for deployment
  • _irongiant-ready — The template is ready, but is waiting to be made available to people to use it
  • _irongiant-deployed — The template has been deployed, and can be used (first post should contain instructions)

Please add the tag _irongiant-notready to your thread after you have created it.

This is done using the following code on the thread:_template page:

[!-- Begin IRON GIANT tags --]
[[iftags _irongiant-notready]][[size 130%]]##green|This Iron Giant site is **not ready for deployment**##[[/size]][[/iftags]]
[[iftags _irongiant-ready]][[size 130%]]##green|This Iron Giant site is **ready for deployment**##[[/size]][[/iftags]]
[[iftags _irongiant-deployed]][[size 130%]]##green|This Iron Giant site **has been deployed**##[[/size]][[/iftags]]
[!-- End IRON GIANT tags --]

What to do next

You should also add your new template to the following site:

Start a new sub-thread

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