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SheepdogSheepdog wrote on 26 Oct 2011 12:41

Dear Dataforms Project Members….

Thank you!

What you are working on looks like an exciting addition to the WikiDot service.

Please don't feel I was unwilling to RTFM… the following are just comments from a person unfamiliar with your site, to alert you to things you MAY want to consider. I am certainly not criticizing, given that I haven't studied what you have here.

I am an experienced user of computers, the internet, forums. Haven't used Wikidot forums before.

a) I found it quite hard to find the "start sub-thread" link. Maybe not such a bad thing! (I was looking at top and bottom of page. Love the "we discourage adding to this… View these comments that were posted anyway" whimsy, though. Apologies if this wasn't the right way to do what I'm trying to do!

b) WHAT ARE DATAFORMS?? (Rhetorical!)

In reading…

… I saw quite a lot that made sense to me… experience with databases… IF "dataforms" is a way to "embed" (probably not right use of term) a database "behind" a Wiki.

I went off to the "sample dataforms"…

.. hoping to see one in action… well, hoping to see what I imagine a dataform is, in action!!… but if I was looking at a dataform, I didn't recognize it! Not that there's anything wrong with what you are doing… but whatever it is, your presentation of it didn't get through the dullness of one visitor's mind. Sorry!

For the sake of an example, let's suppose that a dataform is somewhat akin to what I'm thinking it is, and let's suppose that someone has assembled a database of birds, with each record listing the bird's name, size, and the main color of the bird…. these are birds of the US, by the way!!!

crow, 12",black
cardinal, 8", red
pheasant, 14", brown

Okay. That's the database. "Behind" the dataform.

Simplest possible (?) example of dataform on a webpage…

A display showing one of the records, and buttons to proceed to next or previous records.

If I am even close, of course there are all sorts of issues re- permissions… who can access? who can change?… but I'm not too worried about these… If you are doing any of the above, all the rest will follow in its train.

c) If you ARE doing something like this, another thing I couldn't see in the documentation was "where is the database"? Presumably on the WikiDoc servers, of course… but would an admin be able to access it "raw", browse around, edit?

No "answers" needed to any of this… as I say… I was just hoping to help you see what a naive user perceives when he visits your work- in- progress.

Good luck with whatever it is… I will visit again in due course. If it is even close to what I was talking about… WONDERFUL! and GOOD LUCK!!

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