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Ben MillerBen Miller wrote on 13 Oct 2011 03:09

I'm building a site to track academics through their careers at various universities, and to trace mentor/student relationships between these academics. For simple cases, data forms and a newPage module work well; however, most are not simple cases, and I'm running into problems when I want to add many students to one mentor, or several universities to someone advanced in their career — without cluttering up the form for people who only need one field of each.

What I'd like to see is an "add row" function built into the data forms somehow: an option to insert a button that, when clicked, would duplicate the indicated fields. (There would need to be some kind of suffix added, I guess: student-1, student-2, … student-i.)

Ideally, we would even be able to treat joined fields as a single item for the purposes of this duplication, which would allow users to save, e.g., additional address blocks (name, street, city, state), whether for shipping gifts or, in my case, for university names and locations.

In theory, this should be possible: I've seen advanced search engines do it. But I have no idea what the underlying architecture of the data forms is, despite several hours of combing through the documentation and forums.

Can anyone help me determine whether this is feasible, and how? I'm willing to put in a good amount of time coding and debugging, if you can point me in the right direction.


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