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Changing format of project
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Sue FirthSue Firth wrote on 10 Sep 2009 11:38

Pieter, I like what you've done with the front page of this forum. Adding the "last edited" date will make it much easier to see when new comments have been made to a thread. Also, displaying the number of threads in a section should encourage people to look further into the section.

At the top of the thread page, the new navigation took me a while to figure out (well, I think I've figured it out!). Perhaps it would help by adding some extra notation like this:

|< jump to first thread of section and << to go to previous thread - or
<< jump to first thread of section and < to go to previous thread - and the same in reverse for the RHS.

Next, how do we get more people to watch the site? This is a lonely place, when you have a question that needs answering!

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