why does %%form_data{variable}%% render in its own <p> block?
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scottplanscottplan wrote on 02 May 2010 16:24

It seems like data blocks appear inside <p> tags — right? Does it have to be that way? It would be really limiting for layout options.

Here's a simple example:

I'd like to precede some data with an m-dash: —

Why can't I do this in my template with "— %%form_data{contact}%%"?

Instead, I get the dash, then the form data on a newline.

edit: I'm seeing this is documented:

  • span/div (div for wiki and static)
    class: form-value field-{name}
    class': form-error (added to field while save when there is matching error)

So maybe I can customize this somehow. Where's the "undiv" command?

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