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consistent width
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Static Wiki Field Type
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scottplanscottplan wrote on 24 Apr 2010 11:20

Editing via forms should work and feel pretty much like editing a page. Wikidot has tons of users who are now comfortable with the basic organization of the #action-area. Let's synergize that comfort-level, so that we can readily integrate forms into that overall experience.

  • When editing via forms, show the existing page content at the top.
  • Wiki fields should be automatically sized like edit-page-textarea, the field where we edit page contents. There should be abbreviated editor buttons at the top, and -/+ buttons at the bottom right to expand/contract the window.
  • There should be a preview option.

Of course, users could modify these defaults with customized layouts. I like all the customization available with forms, and I sense it's possible for me to make this happen through _template layout and CSS updates — and I'd really appreciate help in making ours so. But I'm thinking the basic Wikidot editing experience should be a default setting.

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