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James KanjoJames Kanjo wrote on 20 Apr 2010 09:39

If a page doesn't exist, then the default page title is “The page does not (yet) exist.” and the default content is:

The page //%%fullname%%// you want to access does not exist.

* [[button edit text="create page"]]

To demonstrate, if I were to access the inexistent /james page, then the following would be rendered:

The page does not (yet) exist.

The page james you want to access does not exist.

The Problem

We need to be able to choose the content we display if a page doesn't exist. Perhaps we don't even want to pose the “create page” option to users.

The Design

Similar to *:_template, I propose we have *:_404 to decide the content of pages that don't exist.
The title you specify on the *:_404 page is the title that appears on the inexistent page.
For example: if I create the page draft:_404 and make it's page title as “Sorry!”, then when I access the inexistent draft:test page, the title will be “Sorry!”

If no *:_404 page exists, the default format will be as it always has been:

The page //%%fullname%%// you want to access does not exist.

* [[button edit text="create page"]]

Any category that doesn't have the *:_404 page specified will inherit the wiki's /_404 data.

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