Parsing order for field filters
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scottplanscottplan wrote on 18 Apr 2010 13:34

Text field filters

A filter takes the string value of a property and does something with it, producing a new string. We allow these filters on text fields:

  • |upper - converts value to upper case
  • |lower - converts value to lower case
  • |title - converts value to title case (first letter of each word is capitalized)
  • |nnn - truncates value to nnn characters
  • |?value - if the value is empty, substitutes with 'value'
  • |??truevalue:falsevalue - if property is non-zero or true, show trueval, else show falseval. Applies to all numeric and Boolean properties.
  • |url - format value as valid URL (e.g. replacing spaces by %20).

In my project's dataform, I'd like to inject :first if the user leaves an imgURL field empty, and %%author%% if they leave an email field empty. Would the |?value filter allow those items to be compiled, or would they result as uncompiled text?

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