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Personal Sandbox Template
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pieterhpieterh wrote on 09 Sep 2009 23:42

Made a new template today, at This is a meaner, leaner blog. There are some neat aspects that almost but don't quite work right.

I'd like every blog posting to show an image, and have this appear in the start page. This requires that ListPages can extract the first image attached to the page. The ideal format is image floating left, and title plus first paragraph floating right.

Making this blog and theme set showed up some bugs in the rainbow theme, which I fixed (especially the search box sitting in the side bar, which was kind of silly).

There is still tuning to do on the themes: they don't work in Opera, it seems, and some of the colors need tuning, especially grey on grey text that disappears in some of the themes.

Comments and suggestions welcome. I like the idea of themes with no images, that can be trivially customized, and which are designed to fit with specific templates. This seems to make a neat package.

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