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This is browser-dependent, and not user-dependent
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leigerleiger wrote on 28 Mar 2010 12:47

Is there any way to avoid using cookies (which are browser-dependent) and to instead work on a username-dependent level? For example, numberperpage:leiger has the %%content%% value of 30.

How would it be possible to access such a value using the ListPages module's perPage attribute? Obviously that is not possible at the moment - but can a design be written that makes such a thing possible?

I could then have a page for every user in the "settings" category, with a Data Form asking them to select various settings for the website. ListPages would access things like:

  • %%form_data{number-of-wishes-perpage}%%
  • %%form_data{number-of-recent-comments-to-show-on-homepage}%%


Dynamic content, defined by what the user wants to see — for site admins that know they can't suit everyone with just one, default setting.

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