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GabrysGabrys wrote on 28 Mar 2010 12:30

Related wish

A cookie to allow the reader to set himself the perPage value

Included page "wish:227" does not exist (create it now)

How to do this:

ListPages improvement:

allow perPage="@COOKIE{name}", for example:

[[module ListPages perPage="@COOKIE{per-page}|20"]]


SetCookies module

[[module SetCookies]]
    name: "Posts per page: "
      10: 10
      20: 20
      50: 50
      100: 100

This would displays a form (the syntax equals to normal data form syntax) that sets cookies (and not page properties).

Cookie name would be field name prefixed with some fixed string, so that admins can't alter functional Wikidot cookies.

Current cookie value would be the value selected in the form.

You can use the cookie value wherever @COOKIE{cookie-name} is supported (at least in perPage ListPages attribute).

Cookie is valid for given domain only (not passed from/to custom domains or * domain) for a predefined (long) duration. Cookie is set per-browser, not per-user. This makes it working for anonymous users, but is not perfect for Wikidot users.

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