'editable' property (all field types)
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leigerleiger wrote on 24 Mar 2010 01:52

The 'editable' property should accept either true|false or yes|no and specify whether or not the given field is editable by the user (where administrators and page moderators always have edit access)

This would allow administrators to display a certain field that they want users to know is there… whilst preventing them from changing it.

The graphical way of representing this should be a grayed-out field, where either some default text is present (in the case of a page title being edit-locked) or some text added by an administrator at a later stage is visible but not editable.

Use case 1:

An example is the title (which is eventually going to become part of the Data Form structure, if I understand correctly).

I want to provide a link that uses the %%title%% variable as part of the URL component. However, I need to prevent users from editing the title as it will be their username 99% of the time.

I want moderators to be able to edit this value, however, so using the CSS #page-title { display:none; } is not very intuitive as they then need to manually change the CSS before editing the field's value.

Use case 2:

To provide feedback to a user that only they can see, an admin/moderator can edit a certain 'feedback' field in the category where only page-creators have the permissions to edit the page and see what that feedback is. The page creator should not be able to edit that feedback.

Private categories do not apply here because everyone should be able to see the page's original content — it's only the feedback section that is hidden to everyone except the page creator, and any admin/mod with edit permissions.

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