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leigerleiger wrote on 10 Mar 2010 00:40

There is a small amount of discussion about a ListMembers module… however I'd like to request a small improvement to the current module.

My website now has 101 members, and the most recent member has been forced onto a different page in the list. The members module should support the perPage attribute that the ListPages module uses, so that site owners can control how their system:members page is displayed.

This is the corresponding section in the ListPages documentation:


To control how many items (wiki pages) will be shown in total, and how these are paginated (confusingly, also into 'pages'), use any of:

Argument Meaning
limit Limit total items
perPage Limit per pagination
reverse Show pages in reversed order

Total limit:

  • "number" - means limit the total number of selected pages.
  • default and maximum is 250.

Pagination limit:

  • "number" - means limit the number of page items shown on per pagination.
  • default is 20.

Reversed display:

  • "yes" - means show pages from last to first. If you do not use the 'range' selector, this is equivalent to inverting the sort order (adding or removing 'desc' from the 'order' argument).

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