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leigerleiger wrote on 08 Mar 2010 22:07

This is part of a discussion that a couple of the community admins are having at the moment.

Wikidot needs to be easier to use for new users.

Lets see… what if we had a new feature that allowed site admins to install plugins, similar to packages, but more official. These plugins would work in much the same way as my Automatic code replacement idea.

I would create a plugin that would convert this code:


into this:
[[module CountPages category="*"]]
This wiki has %%total%% pages.

As each plugin would be able to hold more than one of these, I could create a plugin that is designed specifically to support all MediaWiki syntax and to convert it into Wikidot syntax. That way, both MediaWiki and Wikidot syntax would work on the same wiki!

Obviously this doesn't allow things to be done in-line… but in-line modules have been suggested before so if they are implemented, plugins can easily be updated to use the code for inline modules instead.

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