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leigerleiger wrote on 07 Mar 2010 03:41

James KanjoJames Kanjo has created a very useful imitation of a poll over at his Polls @ Wikidot site, but what we need is a new feature designed specifically for the task.

The idea

  • This works similarly to Data Forms, in that it is part of the page, and not a module!
  • Only logged-in Wikidot users will be allowed to vote on a poll, but anyone that can create a page can create a poll.

The real power of this module:

  • Polls should be set up per category, in the same way as auto-numbering is set up (site manager)
  • When a page is created in that category, the usual contents appear as usual (whether that be a Data Form or normal source code box), and the poll settings appear below that.
  • ListPages support: %%poll_title%%, %%poll_option{1}%%, %%poll_option{2}%%, …

Use cases:

  • This allows us to then have a poll category, with one poll per page, and use NewPage module to create polls
  • This also means that in wiki-based forums, the thread category can have polls enabled so that polls can be added to the first post of a thread.

When creating a new page

-- Data Form / Source Code editing --

+ Add a poll to this page

Title: [________________________]

Allow more than one option to be selected? [ No ][▼]

Number of days before poll is locked? [ 0 ]
(0 = never locked)

* [___________] » remove
* [___________] » remove
     » add new option

Site manager Poll settings

For each category with polls enabled:

  • Does the poll appear ABOVE or BELOW the source code box / data form ?
  • Maximum number of options for each poll (default: 5 ?)
  • Allow wiki syntax in poll title? [ Yes ][▼]
  • Allow wiki syntax in option labels? [ Yes ][▼]
  • Show which users voted for which option? [ No ][▼]

Site manager Permissions

Ability to decide which users have permissions to create/edit/delete a poll:

  • The poll form doesn't appear for people that don't have permission to create them

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