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gerdamigerdami wrote on 05 Mar 2010 11:20

It would be great if ListPages could list not only the direct children but also all descendants.

Example: a generated vineyard by pagepath gives from category vineyard:

France > Bordeaux
France > Bordeaux > Medoc > Pauillac
France > Bordeaux > Medoc > Margaux

where Medoc is a child of Bordeaux and Pauillac is a child of Medoc

Ch. Latour is Pauillac then is a child of Pauillac but a grandchild of Bordeaux, of category wine: (, or tagged with _wine)
Ch. Petit Bordeaux is a basic wine of Bordeaux, of category wine: (, or tagged with _wine)

If I currently ListPages all wines whose parent is Bordeaux, it will not retrieve Ch. Latour whose parent is Pauillac.
Indeed, I would like to ListPages ALL wines which have Bordeaux as parent or grandparent or gran(n)parent.

Understood Leiger ? ;-)

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