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leigerleiger wrote on 02 Mar 2010 21:59

I was of the understanding that when you used a PagePath, you were giving the page you were creating a parent.

For example, the documentation uses this example:

  • _root
    • Adventure
    • Action
      • Simulation
        • Driving
        • Other
      • Combat
    • Sports
      • Football
      • Racing

I had then expected that the page tree would continue further, with the "Action>Simulation>Driving" page having a number of children pages… all of which are Games that selected that option in the page path as their genre.

I have since discovered that Page Path does not work this way. My question: Should it be changed to work that way?

Over on the sandbox website I created a working use case for this example (

Another use case would be a Golf Club, which categorises members into groups:

  • status:Active
    • status:Full-time
      • member:Tom
    • status:Part-time
      • member:Bob
      • member:Jane
      • member:Sally
  • status:Inactive
      • member:James
      • member:David
      • member:Ben

"status" is the category used by the Page Path… which is defined in member:_template.

However, I did some looking around and found this… does the backlinks option in ListPages remove the need to make the change I suggested at the top of this post? Or are there still advantages to having the parenting go all the way… right up to the page that you are editing as well?

Backlink selector:

  • Select by backlink: backlink="backlink-selector"
  • "-" means pages with no backlink (i.e. orphaned pages)
  • Else specifies a list of space/comma delimited category:page values

The example that I created on the sandbox site ( could be modified to work quite well with the ListPages module backlink selector. Unfortunately, the backlink selector is not yet implemented…

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