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scottplanscottplan wrote on 27 Feb 2010 13:11

disclaimer — I know this doesn't fit. But that's the point. Admins, feel free to delete (preferably after clarifying).

I generally limit my feature requests to the Community site. Sometimes that yields results, sometimes I just get sympathy, occasionally nothing at all.

The dev team hasn't been clear about where they pay most attention to feature requests. Here's a case in point:

In the Design section:

This section replaces the blog design section. Do not use for feature requests. … If you wish to discuss feature requests please use the Unclassified forum section.

But the "unclassified section" says this (emphasis mine):

Come to this section to discuss other projects. Please note this is not the right place for general questions about using Wikidot.com, nor bug reports, nor feature requests.

So may I gently suggest that we could all use some clear direction about where to lodge our feature requests?

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