The "image" data type
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leigerleiger wrote on 12 Feb 2010 01:45

  • 'image': this works as for file, but shows the picture with a caption. A new page is created in given category (default: image). The image is attached to that page as an attachment. The page text may be added automatically containing metadata from the file (for example stored in EXIF header). The displayed image is a link to that page. Normally you would create a photo:_template page that shows the image at original size and displays the metadata stored in the page.

I need a way to be able to reference this image from another page.

The best way to do this would be to have the image automatically re-named after it is uploaded, to something that I define in the form template. In my case, I want the image to be named "preview" (with no extension).

Obviously, only one image can be uploaded with this option turned on, as multiple images can't have identical names. I only want/need one image to be uploaded with that name anyway.

Future images can be uploaded later using another 'image' data type with the auto-rename option turned off, or by using the [[button files]] syntax on the page.

I plan to display the images using the [[gallery]] module, and not using the picture & caption that the form would automatically show.

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