CSS classes for forms
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pieterhpieterh wrote on 05 Feb 2010 15:31

Proposed CSS classes (somewhat simpler than today's names):

CSS Styling

You can modify the look and feel of your data forms using CSS (either per-site, or per page using the CSS module. This is the CSS model for data forms:

  • table
    class: form-table
    • tr
      class: form-row
      • td
        class: form-labels
        • span
          class: form-label
      • td
        class: form-values
        • span
          class: form-value field-{name}
          class': form-error (added to field while save when there is matching error)
          • {field}
            class: form-{type}
            class': form-hinted (added to field with hint inside)
          • span
            class: form-message


{name} - name of the field
{type} - type of the field (text, select, pagepath etc.)

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