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leigerleiger wrote on 04 Feb 2010 07:48

The name might not be the best, but that can be improved.

A button is used instead of a module, because buttons can be used in-line.


This code:

[[button infobox text="my infobox link" class="link-popup" height="60%" width="60%" page="info:%%fullname%%" ]]

Looks like:

my infobox link

And when the link is clicked, the screen darkens and an information box appears exactly in the same way as when you click on my name: leigerleiger. Notifications are also shown in the same way.

The content of the infobox is the content of the page in the 'page' parameter, which will support page variables like %%fullname%%.


The text to show in the button. This attribute is required.
If no class is given, then the button looks like the button in the Join module (for consistency)
Height of the infobox in relation to the browser window. (50% = centred, with 25% of the page between the edge of the infobox and the edge of the browser window)
Width of the infobox in relation to the browser window.
The page to be shown in the infobox. This attribute is required.

Required: text, page
Optional: class, height, width

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