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pieterhpieterh wrote on 02 Feb 2010 11:55

This is a design sketch for the settag command, which automates the task of setting tags on pages. It is analogous to iftag but shows a button or text link that the user can click. The concept was originally suggested by James KanjoJames Kanjo in his design

The tag button automates a very common scenario:

  1. Navigate to a page
  2. Click on the 'tags' action
  3. Remove unwanted old tags
  4. Add wanted new tags
  5. Save resulting tags
  6. Enter comment text
  7. Save comments
  8. Return to parent page

It would become:

  1. Click on tag button
  2. Enter comment text
  3. Save comment


[[settags arguments...]]


  • button="text string" — specifies the text for the button, which is the 'tags' argument by default.
  • class="css-class" — specifies CSS class for the div element containing the button, allowing custom styling
  • iftags="taglist" — only shows if this tag condition is true
  • tags="taglist" — specify new tags to set, by default is empty
  • remove="taglist" — specify tags to remove, where '*' is a wildcard. So "_*" means remove all hidden tags.
  • comment="yes|no" — if 'yes', Wikidot asks for a page comment and only retags if the comment is saved, by default is "no"
  • source="pagename" — if specified, this page will be tagged, otherwise it is the current page
  • target="pagename" — if specified, the user is moved to this page after tagging is completed

The iftags argument works exactly as the [[iftags]] command.


[[settags button="Close" tags="_closed" iftags="-_closed" source="%%fullname%%" target="product:_start" comment="yes" remove="_*"]]

Settags with custom styling:

[settags class="my-settags-class"]]

If you use custom styling, remember to define the class in your custom CSS. The default class for settags is ".settags" and you can style this using custom CSS like this:

.settags {
    background-image: url(yourimage.png)

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