James KanjoJames Kanjo wrote on 31 Jan 2010 10:19

I've noticed how Pieter is slowly moving some functionalities from the Admin Manager to direct wiki pages (for example, why “Enable Per-Page Rating” from the Site Manager, when you can enable it by adding a Rating Module).

The autonumbering feature is very powerful. It allows for a non-confliction of UNIX pagenames (you won't have problems such as trying to overwrite an existing page, as each new page is autonumbered consecutively). In addition, if two people try to create a new page at the same time, there is no confliction of page edits.

Proposed syntax:

[[module NewPage autonumber="true"]]

New page's URL:

Engine behaviour:

When you press "Save", the Wikidot Javascript will recognise /autonumber/true in the URL, and will send this information to the Wikidot engine. The Wikidot engine then identifies the next consecutive number page name in the specified category, and saves the page with that number.

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