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The "image" data type
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Field name validation
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GabrysGabrys wrote on 29 Jan 2010 09:55

  • div#dataform
    • #<type>
    • #<type>-required
    • #<type>-error

Where '<type>' is the field type (text, number, tag, checkbox, etc.). The -required class highlights required fields for the > user. The -error class shows the field when it has an error (missing or fails match in current design).
Each table row has an ID of the field name (or the first field name on the row, if there are several).

  1. means ID, we don't want to pollute HTML namespace with user customizable IDs. I propose using classes. In addition to type classes, it would be also nice to add classes for field names, so that people can style individual fields and not only different types.

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