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SquarkSquark wrote on 18 Jan 2010 12:50

We have already developed an auto-expanding edit box, which is already on test server. We have noticed and agreed that even when the editor is expanded to the whole browser window, there is too much space wasted. The toolbar is too big, the comment and page-lock info take too much space.

There are a bunch of design ideas floating around, including Piotr's idea of hiding the page text when editing, using CSS.

I'd add, putting the toolbar on one line or otherwise reducing it, and somehow removing stuff that we don't need to see while editing. E.g., description could be a pop-up when saving.

When creating a new page, also the edit box comes way down.

In fact when editing, as much of the vertical space as possible should end up as editor space…

So overall result is that the edit box does not expand a lot, but what I see is nice.

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