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gerdamigerdami wrote on 17 Jan 2010 14:45


The principle of CSIs is to reuse an existing code that would later be rendered on the target page.

On the CSS competition site I used includes that hold their own assets, i.e. images.

In http://css-competition.wikidot.com/include:facebook I had to use a hard reference to the images otherwise the images would not appear on the target site.

[[image http://css-competition.wikidot.com/local--files/include:facebook/facebook-256.png 
class="my-facebook" height="{$iconsize}" width="{$iconsize}" 
alt="My presence on Facebook"]]

If I move this include from CSS-comp to the main CSI I have to rename the references.


Would it be possible to have another way of referencing assets that belong to the CSIs ?
Or have I missed an obvious thing ?

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