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SquarkSquark wrote on 14 Jan 2010 11:40

We have some proposals about changing the design of page actions. Having all common actions at the bottom of the page could be a bit distracting and inconvenient actually, beacuse it's sliding the page to the bottom. Pop-ups would be much easier. Please review the ideas, agree on the design and we can push it to development.

We decided that most of the page actions should be handled by pop-ups, not by expanding the page at the bottom. So as it follows:


The current method of tagging a page is painful to use due to the way it scrolls the page. This is one place where a popup would really work much better. This would work well with a keyboard shortcut.

This change is to remove the use of an input field at the bottom of the page and replace it with a popup.


OK          Cancel

We might split off hidden tags from visible tags so the Tag action only shows/changes visible tags. Hidden tags should, ideally, be set via action buttons so there is no scope for misspellings.


The rename action is one where a popup would be really much nicer.

The rename pop-up dialogue should work exactly as one expects for a file: enter a new category/name, and click OK. Renaming is also how we move pages to other categories. The popup has two buttons (OK, Cancel) as we would expect.


Same as it's now, but in the pop-up.

File uploads

Should be moved to a pop-up dialog that immediately jumps to the Select files step (skipping the two first clicks).

The link to the "old uploader" should also be clearly visible in the pop-up, for compatibility reasons.

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