Order by last updated date of parent OR child
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leigerleiger wrote on 14 Jan 2010 05:25

As you can see on this forum and also on the NoComment forum, pages can be used instead of the comments module to imitate a forum structure.

However, when sorting threads in a section of the forums I only have order="created_at" and order="updated_at" at my disposal, as well as the reverse of both of those ordering types (order="created_at desc" and order="updated_at desc", respectively).

I need to be able to order threads in a way that is similar to 'created_at desc', but that will be influenced not only by the thread's creation date, but also by the creation date of a thread's children (which are replies that people have made to that thread)

Something like order="children_created_at desc" will work… and if the thread doesn't have any children, then the thread's own creation date should be used.

  • Is this possible, and what should the syntax be? My example of 'children_created_at desc' looks a bit messy IMO.
  • Should this also be supported in reverse? 'parent_created_at' and 'parent_updated_at' ? I can't think of a use case but it would be consistent to cover all avenues

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