The history view is already good enough, due to a very useful Wikidot feature that people don't use often enough

leigerleiger wrote on 13 Jan 2010 01:23

The edit diff would be shown as a block of text of at most 3 lines; if longer then it would be collapsed. This lets the user immediately see what changed and ask for more information if needed.

That is what the "Short description of changes: " box is for. Some people don't seem to use it though.

I've been using it for a while and it makes things 500% easier when trying to view the source code of a previous revision (e.g. forgetting how I did something a few months ago, but as it's been removed from the current version of the page I need to view the source code of a previous version and I use the 'short description of changes' to figure out which revision I need)

Will this minimalised history view replace the current one? Or is it intended to be added to a page using a module?

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