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Steven HeynderickxSteven Heynderickx wrote on 11 Jan 2010 17:13

with the module NewPage one can create a new page with for example a given category, parent, tags…

With this in mind is there a possibility for on the fly creating of a new category with a default template?

Why I would use it:
Imagen a user fills out a profile. This profile will ask him/her his/her profession. Imagen there would be this pagepath-thing… so they can choos from existing possibilities or they can create a new option.
Now I would like to show them a extra profile (if they just created a new profession, this will be the default) that is a live template. So lets say "John" is a student and he selects the student… his next page will be student:123 with an according student:_template. But Kathy want to select rocketscientist, an option that is not there yet. So that option is created… but while creating this option I wish that a category named rocketscientist is created with the default template. Why do those profiles need to split up? Well is is possible that Kathy is a rocketscientist, but maybe she is also a student at the same time.

If there are other ways to do this I will gladly read them here but "tags" are no option

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