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pieterhpieterh wrote on 11 Jan 2010 13:09

This is a design sketch for a simpler page history view. The scenario / use case for this design is to see the last changes, and who made those changes, as easily as possible. The current implementation is not easy to use.

The history view would show the last 10 (or so) changes, with this information for each change:

  • Date, time and user who made change
  • Description of changes written by the editor, if any
  • Difference (minimal visualization of edits), if any
  • Other action (reparent, tag, rename) if appropriate
  • Revision number
  • Actions: View | Source | Revert

The edit diff would be shown as a block of text of at most 3 lines; if longer then it would be collapsed. This lets the user immediately see what changed and ask for more information if needed.

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