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GabrysGabrys wrote on 22 Dec 2009 12:49

Imagine we have inline includes, which we probably want. There's no way to escape the following line:

sample in-line include: [[include somepage]]

If I want to escape this, I need to do this:

\sample in-line include: [[include somepage]]

But, this renders this:

ample in-line include: included content from some-page

(where "included content from some-page" is the content of some-page).

Possible solution: use 2 character escaping, for example by making a space needed after \, so that escaping works like this:

\ sample in-line include: [[include somepage]]

For consistency, bold, italics, strike-through, … could also require space after them:

\b sample in-line include: [[include somepage]]
\s sample in-line include: [[include somepage]]
\u sample in-line include: [[include somepage]]

This even seems better to me, since it's more readable.

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