Extra ordening mechanism
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extendable data forms / repeatable fields
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Steven HeynderickxSteven Heynderickx wrote on 09 Dec 2009 15:27

In the ListPages module one can order on several items… I would like to introduce the


Because ordering not indexed lists is an intense activity for a server… I understand that the statement order="%%content{1}%%" is not possible.

therefore I would suggest a special field (contentblock) with only the possibility to enter integers

a template could look like this then

some formatting

by using the "####" the server knows that this is the "to-be-indexed-field"

Maybe in a later ListPages statement the integers used there can be the source for ordering when the order-command is order="index"

Pieter mentioned having this problem so he had to manually make the list of sections in this forum… I had also this problem… the calender module also could use things like this to order stuff…

A custom ordering field is a need I think.

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