Assign users to private categories
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Per-user private pages
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Gustavo OlivaresGustavo Olivares wrote on 30 Nov 2009 23:11

Now also as a new "sub-thread" as leiger suggested

Assign users to private categories
RobElliottRobElliott 12 Nov 2009, 05:59 NZDT

I've mentioned this before on the blog site but as this shiny new area is now here I will repeat a wish that I have for a Phase 2 development of this design to be looked at in the future at some point after the current design proposal is implemented. And that is that a private category can have specific members assigned to it by username as a further sub-division from the current design proposal where all members of a site can view a private category. I admit it will add to the complexity but will increase the flexibility and reduce the need to create additional private sites for just those members (albeit that with cloning and CSIs that is now very easy).

I don't intend to appropriate Rob's idea … I just very strongly support it and I think that it makes perfect sense for a Phase 2 implementation.


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No User-groups, so let's re-think By soronlin 0 Comments 30 Jun 2010 13:42

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