One-click file uploads
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scottplanscottplan wrote on 21 Nov 2009 01:07

We know the link to the files uploader is buried at the bottom of the page. For some wikis, I bet that's appropriate.

We've also got this handy button funtionality, which lets us locate a "files" button front-and-center. Even with the button, it still takes users three clicks to open the dialog window for selecting a file for upload.

  1. <click the file button> ……
  2. <click "upload a file from your computer"> (and that's not an obvious link: the page shifts down as far as possible, but since the module is at the bottom, it's not immediately clear where the user's eye is meant to focus) ……
  3. <click "Select Files">

Why not just one click? Is there a simple way to code a "select files" button, front-and-center, so it opens the dialog box directly and avoids the superfluous hunting and clicking?

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