Actual implementation?
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Which aspects of this design do people want first?
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For testing purposes
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Steven HeynderickxSteven Heynderickx wrote on 18 Nov 2009 15:57

For now the forms are like a more userfriendly input user interface for submitting data to templated-like page. Meaning forms are only visible in edit mode… an application like a contact-form is not what we are discussing here for now I think.

Up till now a page designer made a page …/cat:_template with an upper-part: (formatting the submitted data) an a lower part: "====" separated content blocks. If the designer wished that some part of his preformatted page would be replaced with variable-page-content he had to reference to the coresponding contentblock with %%content{1}%%.

Now that forms are in sight, each form input field will replace a content block of the previous way of working. And as I discovered in my test: referencing to %%content{1}%% still works with the new form-module in contentblock 1.

I was under the impression that one could reference to it by calling its name as defined in the form-module… but that doesn't seem to work… So how is it done?

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