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leigerleiger wrote on 15 Nov 2009 02:49

This is a design sketch for "automatic code replacement", which is a technique to save users effort when typing complex wiki syntax.

The settings are configured per-site, by the site admins.

The admin supplies two values:

  • Code
  • Replace with

When someone saves a page or comment, their code is cross-referenced with this list. If any of the code matches what is provided in the "code" column, then it is replaced with the corresponding "replace with" code at runtime1.

For example…

The site manager setting might look like this after a few entries have been made:

Code Replace with
[b] **
[/b] **
[youtube] [[include youtube |video_id=
[/youtube] ]]
contact us [[[contact]]]

This means that if someone was to type [b]Hello[/b] into the source code, it would do the same thing as **Hello** does (making the text style = bold).
Note: [b]Hello[b] and [/b]Hello[/b] would also work!

If someone were to type [youtube]_6nfVLOsj6U[/youtube], then it would convert to this: [[include youtube |video_id=_6nfVLOsj6U]] (and that included page contains code for embedding a youtube video… e.g. dimensions of the player, etc.

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