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pieterhpieterh wrote on 12 Nov 2009 13:16

This is a design sketch for an improved set of keyboard shortcuts. Keystrokes are unshifted, even if shown in uppercase here.

Page editor shortcuts:

  • Ctrl+R should do nothing, so that edits cannot be lost by accidentally refreshing the page.
  • Ctrl+P should refresh the page preview and scroll the page up to show the preview.
  • Ctrl+E should reshow the editor (not re-edit the page, which leaves the locks confused).
  • Ctrl+Q should cancel the edit. Comment here

Comment/forum editor shortcuts:

  • Ctrl+S should save the comment.
  • Ctrl+Q should cancel the comment. Comment here
  • Ctrl+P should preview the comment.
  • Ctrl+E should reshow the comment edit box.

Page view shortcuts: comment on double letter here

  • TT should enter the tag dialog.
  • PP should enter the parent page dialog.
  • RR should enter the rename dialog.
  • EE should enter the editor (like Ctrl+E)
  • FF should enter the file upload dialog.
  • SS should show the source code.
  • DD should delete the page.
  • HH should show the page history.
  • BB should navigate to the parent page if any.
  • JJ should navigate to the previous sibling, if any, by creation date.
  • KK should navigate to the next sibling, if any, by creation date.
  • UU should navigate to the first sibling by creation date.
  • MM should navigate to the last sibling by creation date.
  • LL should navigate to the first child page, by creation date, if any.

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