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leigerleiger wrote on 11 Nov 2009 12:14

The ListUsers module acts similarly to the ListMembers module, except it lists users of the service instead of members of a particular site.

Syntax: [[module ListUsers ...]]

  • Properties: name, userid, role, joined_at
  • Selection: userid, role, joined_at
  • Ordering: name, userid, role, joined_at
  • Container:

Use cases:

  • Listing users of
    • By userid (e.g. userid="<51" to list the first 50 people to join
    • By role (e.g. role="-MA" to list people that don't have a site)
    • By join date (e.g. joined_at="last 7 days" to list new members from the last week)
  • Useful mostly for community projects and not intended for general-purpose sites (but they can still use the module if they want to!)

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