Ten Core Principles
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Steven HeynderickxSteven Heynderickx wrote on 10 Nov 2009 15:56

Originally suggested by pieterhpieterh as the "Ten Core Principles" on 23 October 2009
This is a design sketch for Ten Core Principles, which will tell people what Wikidot stands for. In any normal business, we'd hire a marketing specialist to conduct surveys and come back with things like "Promote quality values while reinforcing diversity", or "Embrace change and treat challenge as opportunity", or "Promote family values and asbestos-free living".

Well, we don't have marketing specialists, but we do have a lot of strong and sensible opinions. I'll write down my initial ideas, chime in with yours.

  1. To make it really easy to start a web site, with no hosting, downloads, or money.
  2. To bring our users into the process, so they help design, build, and extend Wikidot.
  3. To keep making Wikidot simpler to use by removing clutter in the user interface.
  4. To keep making sites easier to build by creating higher level building blocks.
  5. To make more powerful and generic tools for the creators of those building blocks.
  6. To keep everything running Fast and Smooth, all the time if possible.
  7. To never, ever lose your data, even if it means stopping now and then for full backups.
  8. To use Wikidot for everything: from issue tracking to support to amusement.
  9. To treat business users as clients, and free users as participants.
  10. To eventually remove all unwanted advertising from free wikis.

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