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Steven HeynderickxSteven Heynderickx wrote on 10 Nov 2009 15:45

Originally suggested by pieterhpieterh on 24 September 2009.

This is a design sketch for improvements to the ListPages module. Since we aim to always keep backwards compatibility, these are all new features, rather than changes to existing features.


Tags selector:

  • "+" means pages with any tags, visible or invisible (c.f. "-" meaning no tags)

Site selector (for CSL, Cross Site ListPages):

  • Select by site: site="site-selector"
  • Specifies a subdomain, a full domain, or a custom domain.
  • The site must be public and (eventually) be configured as a valid CSL source.

Cluster selector:

  • Select by cluster: cluster="cluster-name"
  • See cluster concept of data model.
  • Clusters are not yet implemented.

Backlink selector:

  • Select by backlink: backlink="backlink-selector"
  • "-" means pages with no backlink (i.e. orphaned pages)
  • Else specifies a list of space/comma delimited category:page values

Updated-at selector:

  • Select by last editor: updated_by="updated-by-selector"
  • "=" means by created by author of current page
  • "-=" means by not created by author of current page
  • Else, a single user name

Created-at selector:

  • Selector takes into account UTC+- site settings (new site manager setting)

Contains selector:

  • Select by last-updated content: contains="contains-selector"
  • Single string or regular expression
  • Searches first X characters of content
  • Possibly extended to searching specific content sections

Name selector:

  • Select by page name: name="name-selector"
  • Specifies a list of space/comma delimited page names
  • If no category specified, intersected with category selector

Property selector:

  • Select by form data field: property="property-selector"
  • Specifies a list of space/comma delimited field names
  • +field means where field is provided (not empty)
  • -field means where field is empty
  • field=value means where field has the value specified (value must be a single word)

Multiple selector sets

You can specify one or more sets of selectors in a [[select]] item within the module body. If you do this, any selectors in the ListPages module specification will be ignored. Note that the "order" argument is used both to select items, and to output them, and so can be specified both in the individual select set and in the module.

If you specify multiple select sets, the resulting lists of pages are merged into one list. When you do this, some constraints apply:

  • It is not possible to paginate the results.

For example:

[[module ListPages order="updated_at desc"]]
[[select site="blog" category="weneed" tags="-_deleted -_closed" order="rating desc" limit="10"]]
[[select site="bugs" category="issue" tags="-_closed" order="rating desc" limit="10"]]
... template ...

List ordering

Order criteria:

Property Meaning
parent Order by parent name
activity Order by date of last activity on page
children Order by number of children
watchers Order by number of watchers

The activity order is the last date of comment, edit, file upload, tagging, rename, or parent change.

Header and Footer

ListPages confirms/will conform to the Standard List Header and Footer specification.

Template properties

ListPages conforms/will conform to the Standard Template Properties specification.

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