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Steven HeynderickxSteven Heynderickx wrote on 10 Nov 2009 15:41

Originally suggested by pieterhpieterh on 5 August 2009.
This is a proposal for refining and extending the per-account configuration of notifications.

The current configuration panel shows three options:

  • Send me email instant notifications with new events.
  • Auto-watch sites I create or join, pages I create, edit or comment.
  • Send me a copy of my own forum posts and comments

We propose this new set of options:

Send me notifications:

  • [X] Individually, by email
  • [_] Individually, by RSS feed (RSS icon)
  • [_] Individually, by internal personal message
  • [_] Once per day, by email
  • [_] Once per day, by RSS feed (RSS icon)
  • [_] Once per day, by internal personal message
  • [X] Batch individual emails when I'm away

The Batch option only applies when the user selects the "Individually, by email" option. It keeps track of the user's session and detects when the user is active and inactive. When the user is active, emails are sent one by one as today. This means that news gets delivered immediately. When the user is inactive (or signed out), it starts queueing notifications and sends one email with a specific subject, "Wikidot notifications waiting for you" and a link back to When the user starts working (signing in if needed), Wikidot sends one email with all queued notifications, and then switches back to individual delivery.

We propose to remove the "send me a copy" option because in practice this is not useful. Notifications are not a record of activity, this is what the wiki threads are for.

We propose to remove the "auto-watch" option because it is not needed and creates confusion. If the user unchecks the three "Send me by…" options, they will receive no notifications.

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