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Steven HeynderickxSteven Heynderickx wrote on 10 Nov 2009 15:31

Originally suggested by pieterhpieterh on 6 September 2009.

The NewPage module makes it possible to create a page semi-automatically. This is a design sketch for an improved version of the module.

Current syntax

  • Specify category for new page: category="category-name"
  • Specify tags for new page: tags="list of tags"
  • Specify parent for new page: parent="parent-fullname"
  • Text to use on button: button="text string"
  • Validation expression: format="regular expression"
  • Static page template: template="list of page names""

Current page parent option

  • Make the current page be the parent: parent="."

Added automation

  • Automate new page creation: auto="automation"
    • "no": takes you to editor where you can save or cancel
    • "semi": saves page as specified then shows created page
    • "full": saves page as specified then reloads current page
  • For normal pages, default is "no".
  • For pages with a form template, default is "full".
  • Automate title formatting: title="format"
    • %s inserts text provided by user
    • E.g. title="Summary for %s region"

Added visualization

  • Horizontal alignment: align="alignment"
    • "left": left aligned (default)
    • "center": center-aligned
    • "right": right-aligned
  • Visible width: width="pixels, ems, or percentage"
  • Visible width in characters: size="count"
  • Button position: layout="layout-style"
    • "flat": button to right of input field
    • "column": button below input field, aligned left/center/right
  • Show a link, not an input field
    • User will enter page title after clicking, not before
    • text = "link text"

Multiple buttons

These let the user create page with different metadata from the same NewPage module.

  • Additional buttons: [[button]] inside module body
    • tags="tags to set"
    • parent="parent for page"
    • title="title format"
  • If used, then default button is not shown
  • Parent, tag and title settings in module act as defaults

Allow existing pages

This allows for create-or-goto scenarios - if the page already exists, the user goes there. We call this a "relaxed" NewPage:

  • relaxed="true" - do not complain if page already exists, but just show it


[[module NewPage parent="." size="40"]]
[[button text="Bug" tags="open _bug" ]]
[[button text="Wish" tags="open _wish" ]]

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